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November 21, 2022

Productboard Integration

Our partnership with Productboard pairs Fable's rich editor with powerful roadmapping tools. A powerful duo for any product team.

All your Productboard features will be automatically synced to Fable where they’ll each receive a rich document. Links to those documents will be synced back to Productboard.

Enable this integration to:

  • Get a rich editor to describe how your Productboard features should work
  • Enable more collaboration on feature requirements in Productboard
  • Incorporate dynamic content like Figma, Loom and user story embeds into Productboard
  • Capture and communicate key decisions about feature requirements about Productboard content

Learn more and get started here.

July 15, 2022

Subtasks 🪆

Introducing our biggest update of 2022 - subtasks! There's so much thought that goes into the hierarchy of work you build in your issue trackers - whether it's epics & stories, tasks & subtasks, or something else. Now, that thinking is available to you in Fable and sync'd with your other tools. You can see the parent of any Fable task in the top-left on the module

With this new feature, you can create a draft of multiple stories in Fable - all connected in the same hierarchy - and sync them all at once while preserving that hierarchy. We'll make sure what you're doing in Fable is allowed in your issue tracker - you stay focused on writing great docs and building fantastic product

You can also import multiple tasks into Fable along with their hierarchies. Now you can get up and running quickly with a project in Fable, without needing to import tons of individual tasks

Other improvements

  • Support for multiple Linear teams
  • New and improved onboarding flows
  • Bug fixes and improvements (as always)
May 25, 2022

Multiple Issue Trackers 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Today we're super charging all of your integrations. You can now connect to any issue tracker, from any document. This means your GTM tasks in Asana can be right alongside your eng tickets in Jira (or any other configuration!). Track work from the same document in the Build Progress tab to get complete view of the status of your project

We're also improving our linear integration by allowing you to connect and sync with multiple teams. Now, you can create, sync, and import tickets from any team you have access to, all in the same document

Other improvements

  • Improvements with 3rd party integrations
  • Improvements/ bug fixes in decision feed
May 9, 2022

Fable Forum - Asana Integration 🤲

Starting today you have one place to collaborate with your entire team - product, design, engineering, and GTM. Fable’s Asana integration enables you to create GTM tasks right alongside your engineering and design tasks.

Then sync them to their respective tools like Asana, Jira, Shortcut, and Linear. Fable will keep all the data sync’ed and let you track the status of each task, all in one place.

Other improvements

  • Improvements to our editor performance

April 7, 2022

Archive Spaces

We heard feedback that the sidebar can get overwhelming once you create more than a few Spaces.

Now you can archive spaces that you don't need immediate access to. Don't worry, you can still get to them and restore them if needed. This just allows you to clean up the sidebar to focus on the most important spaces.

Archived Spaces
March 29, 2022

Track Progress of Build from Fable 📊

No one likes giving status reports on the build. The person asking about the status of a ticket feels awkward asking and the person giving an update would rather use that time to get work done.

That said, it's important to keep tabs on the build so the team can plan around the timeline.

To make this process more seamless, we're launching the Build Progress feature in Fable today. Tap the new Build Progress button in the Fable Doc sidebar and quickly get a heads up view into the status and assignees of engineering tickets.

Get started with a free Fable account today to stop spending time on status updates.

March 17, 2022

Launching Shortcut Sync 🙌

It's here - the perfect documentation companion for Shortcut. We're big fans of the product, and we're excited to get this release out.

Fable gives you have a place to collaborate with your team on what to build, which you can sync perfectly to Shortcut with a tap of a button. No more misalignment due to documentation problems.

This integration will have all the same features of our Jira and Linear integration, like:

  • 2-way syncing to keep data in Fable and Shortcut aligned
  • Support for rich embeds from other apps like Figma- try it out!
  • Select a Workflow, Project, Tea, and Epic for each story
  • Creating Shortcut Epics directly from Fable documents

Other improvements:

  • Change your space emoji directly from the Overview page
  • Improvements to the editor quick action menu
February 22, 2022

Hide Recents & new animations 😄

We heard feedback that the Recent Docs & Recent Decisions module were sometimes getting in the way of Overview content. So we added the ability to hide those modules. Just tap the "Recents" button in the right sidebar to show or hide.

Hide the Recents module on Overview

Also check out some fun new animations we dropped into the product:

  • Create a new doc
  • Create a new comment
  • Create a new decision
  • Sync a story

Other improvements:

  • Improved story sync to Jira/Linear

February 11, 2022

Editor shortcuts and mobile UX📱

One thing we've heard over and over from users was that they don't know all the features in our editor. So, we've built a toolbar that appears at the bottom of the editor and acts as a shortcut to some of our best features. Now you can create a story, a table, or a notice with just a click!

We also had users on mobile working too hard to get what they need from Fable. This week we're shipping tons of new UX updates to make creating and browsing on Fable easier than ever on mobile!

Mobile-ready editor shortcuts

P.S. - we've had so much amazing feedback come through since out launch on ProductHunt - stay tuned for more great features in the works :)

Other improvements:

  • Anyone can resolve comments now, not just the author
  • API optimizations, to get you up-to-date content, all the time
December 29, 2021

Separate your work with multiple workspaces

We heard that you wanted to separate your work in Fable - whether it's work or play, when you're working with different clients, or working on a passion project.

Now you can create as many workspaces as your heart desires in Fable.

How it works:

  • If you're in a corporate workspace, you can create separate personal workspaces - your team will not be automatically invited to it
  • Each workspace can have separate integrations - so you can have one workspace connected to Jira and another connected to Linear for example

December 13, 2021

Set a priority for stories

Now you can give stories a priority so your team understand what to focus on.

Fable will display the priority options from your issue tracker, either Jira or Linear. When a priority is set, it'll be sync'ed to/from your issue tracker.

Set priorities on Fable stories and sync them with your issue tracker

Other improvements:

  • Sort imported issues by their issue key, and also display the key in Fable
  • Sort projects/epics alphabetically when sync'ing
November 28, 2021

Launching Linear sync 🚀

It's here - you can now push to and read tickets from Linear. We're big fans of the product, and we're happy to finally have this out

This integration will have all the same features of our Jira integration, like

  • Easy, one-click authentication for each user
  • 2-way syncing to keep data in Fable and Linear perfectly aligned
  • Support for rich content like embeds from other apps, lists, check boxes - try it out!
  • Nesting tickets under Linear Projects
  • Creating Linear Projects directly from Fable documents

How the Fable team built the Linear integration

Other improvements:

  • API optimizations to get you issue tracker data faster than ever
  • Smoother onboarding flow

Learn more in our blog post announcing the Linear integration.

November 15, 2021

Sync images to & from Jira 🖼️

We know how important images are to convey how a particular user story should be built.

Now you can add images in your Fable story and our sync will automatically sync it to Jira.

Sync images from Fable story <> Jira ticket

Other improvements:

  • Search for epic when importing stories
  • Better markdown rendering when conflict is detected in the sync

November 1, 2021

Our Slack integration is back 🎃

Fable's integration with Slack took a brief hiatus while we improved the experience. Now it's back and better (and faster) than ever

You can log decisions made in Slack to Fable, and also share back those decisions into specific channels. Keep everyone on the same page - even when you're moving fast

Logging a decision from Slack to Fable

Other improvements:

  • We've also improved the loading and syncing in Fable, no more annoying refreshes to get the data you need
  • Everyone on your team can see fresh information on Jira tickets, even if they haven't connected their account
  • You can also now search for Jira epics when creating new tickets. No more scrolling for hours to find what you're looking for

October 11, 2021

Importing user stories from Jira 🦾

You asked for it and we listened - now you can also import existing stories and tickets from Jira into Fable.

This will help your team hit the ground running with Fable - import your Jira tickets and empower your team to collaborate on what you're building.

Importing stories from a specific Epic in Jira

We've also added more data into the story so you can track things like assignee and status as they change in Jira, right from your Fable docs

Other improvements: Jira sync stability improvements - now we make sure your team is all syncing to the same Jira project to keep things on track. We also included some usability boosts like better auto saving and overall app performance

September 13, 2021

User stories + sync with Jira 🔁

We're super excited for this release. It's one of our biggest yet.

With this release, you can create user stories in Fable and collaborate on them with your team. Add any content to a user story, including Figma/Loom embeds, tables, lists, and sections.

When you're ready to start building, tap a button and we'll send it over to Jira. Most importantly, we'll keep the story sync'ed bi-directionally between Fable and Jira - so you don't have to worry about which one is the source of truth.

Other Improvements: We are also moving to a new backend with this release to improve performance and stability of Fable.

September 7, 2021

Fresh coat of paint + support for multiple devices

Login to Fable and check out the new coat of paint - you'll notice that the the left navigation bar in particular is easier to use 🙌

Plus, we added responsive support so you can use Fable on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

August 5, 2021

Slack integration

We're very excited to launch this feature. It lets you:

  • Send key decisions from Slack to Fable so you don’t lose them in the noise
  • Tag collaborators on decisions made on Slack
  • Share decisions from Fable to Slack 

You can get started by tapping the “Integrations” tab in the bottom left of the navbar. If you need any support getting it approved by your IT team, we’re happy to chat with them and answer any questions. 

New logo

We decided it was time for us to move off the temporary logo we created a few months ago. Hope you like the new one! 


  • Image upload now supported in the editor
  • Share button to directly share a doc or space - teammates will have access to all content in the space
  • You can now create a new doc by tapping the ‘+’ button next to Documents in the navbar
  • Fixing some UI issues with button placement on large screens
  • Improved logic for the Recents modules
  • Ability to switch between workspaces and change roles of people in a workspace
  • Get to integrations directly from the navbar
  • Improved auto save - saving every 3 secs now instead of 5 secs

July 16, 2021

Standalone decisions

We heard that it was confusing to have to create a comment first to log a decision (and we also felt the same), so now you can log a decision by just heading straight to the Decisions tab.


  • You can set custom emojis for each space to make it easier to differentiate b/w them
  • Improved copy + paste, it should preserve formatting in more situations now
  • Support for multi line comments and decision summary
  • Support @ mentions in decision summary
  • Improved auto save (fewer annoying alerts!)
  • Ability to start a new doc or decision right from the recent docs/decisions modules
  • Improved support for real-time comments when you collab with colleagues
June 21, 2021

We’re excited to announce our first release of Fable, the place for product teams to collaborate on what to build, keep their projects updated with the latest thinking & work, and ultimately build great products

What is Fable?

There’s a lot going into this first release, but here are a few features to get us started

  • Create Spaces to organize your content for a given project or initiative 
  • Create Docs within a Space for product specs, launch plans, meeting notes, and more
  • Create Decisions from comments and track them in the decision feed

Some other features we think you should know about

  • Docs are real time enabled so teammates can work on them at the same time as you
  • Keep a pulse on what’s going with your team with the recent activity feed
  • Our Doc editor is built for PMs
  • Embed spreadsheets, designs, videos
  • Create dynamic tables for your data
  • Bring some color and design to your docs with different blocks

people are already on the waitlist to use Fable.

Be the first to use Fable when we launch. Just leave your email and we’ll let you know when it’s ready. ✌️

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