Supercharge your Linear experience

There’s a new issue tracking tool in town, and its name is Linear.

Linear brings the magic to software development, allowing engineers to do their best work and improving team productivity. Naturally, product managers want to get in on the fun too. Issue tracking tools like Linear flourish when they have strong documentation tools and collaborative spaces alongside them, where multiple stakeholders can define the product and have access to a single source of truth. Jira has Confluence, but what goes with Linear? 

Fortunately, there’s an answer -- Fable.

Let’s dive into how using Fable with Linear makes your team even more productive.

What’s Fable?

Fable is a documentation and product definition tool purpose-built for PMs. It lets teams collaborate to write informative, expressive product docs, track decisions, and keeps your whole organization on the same page. 

But its most powerful feature is that it seamlessly syncs with your favorite tools like Slack, Figma, Loom -- and now, Linear.

Two-way sync

Copy-pasting between the PRD and a Linear ticket isn’t something any PM should have to do. Fable makes it easy to create issues directly in Linear, as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Start typing “/story” in your Fable doc, and select the option for Linear Issue
  2. Enter whatever information you want, whether that’s bullet points, a table, or a dynamic Figma embed.
  3. Click “Push to Linear”

And that’s it! Fable takes care of the rest, creating the issue directly in Linear. Add new thoughts, guidelines, or specifications from Fable, and they’ll automatically show up in Linear too.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Anytime someone updates the Linear issue, it’ll show up in the Fable doc as well. That means if an engineer modifies the ticket, that change will reflect across Fable too. And engineers don’t have to keep worrying about whether they’re working based off of the latest product spec -- it’s already right there in Linear.

No more worrying about having to propagate the latest changes across your organization’s entire tech stack, no more tedious hours spent searching for the latest thinking around a feature. Fable makes sure that wherever you look, everything and everyone is up to speed.

Linear Doc Embeds

Engineers love Linear, but Linear doesn’t have to be just for engineers. Linear makes engineering teams faster and more productive, but sharing information from Linear company-wide would extend those benefits to more orgs. That’s where Fable comes in -- informative Linear embeds inside your docs let everyone know what engineering teams are working on and which issues are most important. And they look pretty nice too: 

These embedded, expandable blocks provide rich detail about Linear issues to other teams like product, marketing, and sales. For instance, if sales isn’t on the same page as engineering, they could be selling a product that engineering isn’t even building. With Fable in conjunction with Linear, sales-engineering disconnects become a thing of the past, which benefits your customers too.

Linear is fast and informative, but with Fable, it’s even more so. Linear is fast becoming the tool of choice for quick-moving, ambitious engineering teams, and with Fable as a knowledge base, all teams in your company can become quick and more productive too. Please feel free to book a demo session with us to supercharge your Linear experience -- we believe that Linear and Fable are like peanut butter and jelly. Watch the two in action:

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