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As Team Fable rang in the new year, we were also celebrating another milestone – our first birthday! 

It’s been just over one year since we started with a vision to give product teams a better way to get stuff done - less busy work, more collaboration and building. Since then, we’ve been building Fable to accomplish exactly that. As we publicly launch Fable, let’s talk about where we are, how we got here, and where we’re going next.

Where we are

We’ve spent the past year building Fable – a product definition and documentation tool that’s built specifically with product teams in mind. With collaborative product docs, Fable makes it easy for all your team members to share their ideas, making the product that much better. These docs also feature seamless embeds with your favorite tools, including Slack, Jira, Linear, Figma, and Loom, aggregating information across all your team’s resources effectively. 

We’re particularly excited about our user story embeds - collaborate on the details of how the product should work, then push a button to instantly sync with Jira and Linear. Not only does the sync ensure that product and engineering teams are always on the same page, it also gives teammates on sales, marketing, and more visibility into the build without needing to sift thru tickets. Our goal is to make Fable your team’s single source of truth. 

We’re excited to announce that Fable is now publicly available! Check us out on ProductHunt here and share your thoughts. You can also get started with Fable right away by creating an account here.

How we got here

Fable has its origins in our experiences as PMs at companies like Microsoft to Zocdoc to Budweiser. We faced the problem of stale docs and often found ourselves wasting time copy-pasting between different resources to keep everybody updated. We saw that different decision-makers and stakeholders made decisions that weren’t reflected in one place, creating a tangled web of conflicting changes.

We knew there was a better way of working for product teams..

As part of Y Combinator’s W21 Cohort, we began to solve this problem. Refining our ideas and recruiting new teammates, Fable began to take shape.

We kicked off an alpha program with 7 amazing design partners including Sprout Social, Ciitizen, and Alert Labs. Together we took Fable to a place where it made a direct impact on teams and the quality of their work.  We’d like to thank our design partners for all their help – without them, Fable wouldn’t be the product it is today.

After our private alpha, we moved on to a broader beta, where we found customers that were itching for a more efficient product workflow. We also added new, exciting features during this time, such as our two-way integration with Linear and multiple workspaces.

After a year, we’re finally ready to release Fable to the public.

Where we’re going

We believe that Fable is uniquely suited to be the single source of truth for your product team. And while it’s been an exciting first year, we’re just getting started. We’d love to have you join us on our journey to make the best product docs for your team. We'd love to hear your thoughts on our ProductHunt launch page, then sign up to start using Fable today.