Your product spec, now the source of truth

Fable is a modern spec experience that syncs across your tools and captures the latest thinking - so your team is always on the same page.

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Let's start writing specs like its 2021

The days of copy + pasting across different tools are over.

It's time for a better way - an easy way to keep your spec fresh, even when your team is moving a million miles an hour.

Import your specs into Fable's modern experience

Fable allows you to import your existing specs from editors including Google Docs, Notion, Dropbox Paper, and Confluence.

A source of truth your team can rely on
No more constant pings about whether the spec is still accurate. With Fable, teammates can trust that the information they see is fresh.
Editor built from the ground up, just for specs
The Fable editor is thoughtfully crafted to help product managers and their teams collaborate on what to build - with rich embeds and a user story playground.
Automatically sync with your issue tracker
Fable automatically creates tickets on Jira, Pivotal, and others. 2-way sync makes sure the spec is up to date with changes on the ticket.
Capture and communicate decisions
Our decision feed lets anyone on the team easily note a decision. Stakeholders will be automatically notified of key decisions.

Collaborate on your spec in Fable's editor

Add rich embeds - designs, videos, customer data, and more. Our user story playground lets you collaborate on stories while avoiding endless tables in a doc.

Sync with your issue tracker of choice

Once the spec is ready for engineering, push a button and sync. Updates made in the issue tracker will also get sync’ed back to your spec on Fable.

Capture & communicate decisions easily

Increase transparency and avoid decisions being lost in comments or threads. Stakeholders are automatically notified of key decisions.

"The [current] review process has its downfalls in that things are replicated across the doc and Jira. People often still comment on the doc even though requirements are in Jira. Revisions/decisions get lost"

Pooja Boinapalli, Senior Product Manager

"You have no idea how difficult it is to groom 100 stories in a meeting. But it's the only way I could think of to make sure the engineering team is aware of every little use case with our current process"

Nivedh Mudaliar, Senior PM @ Varo Money